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  • As announced at its last Conference in 2018, AUSIM is committed to funding, starting in 2019, the post-secondary education of high school graduates from disadvantaged areas or backgrounds who have significant potential to study in the IT field.
  • The study carried out by an Ad Hoc team set up by AUSIM highlighted the interest of outsourcing the management of this program to specialists with expertise in this field, in terms of “sourcing,” selection, follow-up, etc.
  • The selection of the Moroccan Student Foundation (FME), a non-profit association recognized as a public service organization, was based on the mission of enabling the brightest graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue higher education and to assist them in their professional development.

Signing of the AUSIM / FME partnership on May 16, 2019


This comprehensive program provides financial support and skills building to young graduates who are academically excellent but from disadvantaged social backgrounds.

This scholarship program also includes a living allowance, computer equipment, coaching, language support, and professional tutoring by AUSIM members.

Selection criteria defined by AUSIM:

  • IT sector: as a priority – This criterion is not, however, a discriminating factor.
  • 60% Girls / 40% Boys.
  • Priority to cities outside Casablanca and Rabat.
  • Young people from disadvantaged areas or backgrounds

Services offered to recipients:

  • Tuition fees
  • Living expenses
  • Computer equipment
  • Transportation and miscellaneous allowances
  • Language support courses
  • Coaching Excellence with 2 workshops per year and a focus on public speaking
  • Professional tutoring
  • Integration seminar
  • International exchanges and internships (from the second year on, if funding permits).


  • By mutual agreement with the FME, a “Steering and Monitoring” Committee has been set up to monitor the implementation of the program.
  • This committee is composed of the members of the FME and AUSIM.
  • This committee meets at least once a quarter to review the preparations, progress, and monitoring of the program and whenever necessary to ensure the smooth running of the program.

RECIPIENTS: 1st graduating class

The first graduating class of the AUSAIDUCATION program has 11 scholarship recipients.

These candidates were chosen among 32 candidates who had passed the Science/Mathematics high school diploma with honors, from families with limited opportunities, from all regions of the kingdom.


FUNDING: 1st graduating class

AUSIM has awarded 5 scholarships to finance the studies of 5 students for 5 years.

Thanks to the mobilization of our partners DATAPROTECT and AXELI, 6 additional students were able to join this 1st graduating class. Their studies will be supported for 5 years by our partners.


The tutoring program was established by AUSIM and FME. This is a system set up to support AusAiducation scholarship recipients throughout their academic career so that they can climb the corporate ladder to the top.

Help the student gain confidence:

  • Advise and guide them in their professionalization choices.
  • Support them in case of difficulty.
  • Overcoming self-censorship habits.

Introduce them to the business world:

  • Share REX with them.
  • Teach them how to work in a business environment.
  • Helping them to project themselves and build their professional project.


  • AUSIM is counting on the mobilization of its members and partners to increase the number of recipients.
  • To achieve this, AUSIM has set up a dedicated fund that collects donations and grants to finance the program.

Participation option for businesses

Ticket: 40 000 MAD/student

Commitment period: 5 years