Ausim Maroc

On Wednesday 13 March, AUSIM marked a crucial milestone by formalising its collaboration with UNA through the signing of a partnership agreement. This strategic agreement commits the two institutions to working together in several key areas. Firstly, they are committed to strengthening training and professional development, thereby offering their members enriched learning opportunities tailored to current market requirements. In addition, this collaboration will facilitate the sharing of resources, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and the development of synergies beneficial to all parties concerned. Together, AUSIM and UNA also plan to organise joint events, thereby boosting exchanges and interaction between their members. Finally, this alliance aims to mutually promote the initiatives and achievements of each of the institutions, thereby enhancing their visibility and impact in their respective fields. In short, this partnership agreement represents a significant step in strengthening the links between AUSIM and UNA, paving the way for a fruitful and lasting collaboration for the benefit of their members and their shared missions.