Ausim Maroc

On 29 March, AUSIM organised its #FtourAUSIM with great anticipation, under the theme ‘Learn2Impact, a journey of meaning’.

This event transcended the digital world to bring together friends, partners and #AUSIM members around a ritual charged with profound meaning.

This moment was the culmination of our commitment to the #AusAiducation programme, a dream that took shape during the previous edition of #AssisesdelAUSIM2018, driven by Past-President, SAAD Mohamed.

This year, 2024, that dream has come true with the fulfilment of the aspirations of 11 scholarship holders.

We had the privilege of hearing the moving testimonies of these 11 scholarship holders, marking the start of a promising journey.

On this occasion, AUSIM is reaffirming its commitment to a second promotion of the programme and is calling for contributions to support these future talents.

A simple gesture can radically change the lives of these young talents. Every support, whatever form it takes, will help to shape the future.