Ausim Maroc

The “Digital Administration in Morocco” white paper stems from the enriching discussions at the round table held during #ASSISESAUSIM2022, focusing on the theme “E-government – Towards which digital transformation?”.

The ideas shared and enlightening perspectives laid the foundations for this white paper, which provides valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with the digitization of government services.

Digital Nation: Unleash the potential
For Morocco, the digitization of public services represents a real development gas pedal for the country as a whole, which could benefit all players: citizens, businesses and the Administration.
True to its principle of contributing to the development of Digital in Morocco, AUSIM is proposing this white paper on the theme of Digital Administration.
This white paper briefly recalls the importance of Digital Administration and its level in 2023, and presents what AUSIM considers to be the root causes of the difficulties encountered.

AUSIM has also launched a survey among companies to gather their opinions on the digitization of public services, their level of satisfaction and their recommendations.
The aim of the survey is not only to provide feedback on how companies feel and what their needs are, but also to provide a source of recommendations on what companies are really asking for, and what they would like public authorities to do to speed up the digitization of public services.
AUSIM provides an international perspective by analyzing 5 countries, two of which are at a similar level of development to Morocco, that have succeeded in the Digital Transformation of their public services.
The White Paper is closed with 10 recommendations that AUSIM believes are necessary to accelerate the development of digital public services in Morocco.
We are convinced that this White Paper will shed light on our vision for a Digital Administration