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AUSIM launches Le DOUAR by AUSIM, a federative initiative to help douars achieve the SDGs through digital means

Since its foundation in 1993, AUSIM has worked to promote the use of information systems and technology in all sectors of activity in Morocco, to strengthen the skills of IT professionals and to contribute to the development of the digital economy in the country.

AUSIM has developed several programs in collaboration with the actors of the Moroccan digital ecosystem: AusAcademy, AusMose, AusAiducation, AusInnov… It also organizes the Assises de l’AUSIM, the reference event on the African continent, which brings together decision-makers, experts and actors of the digital sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities of IT and digital.

AUSIM is launching a new federating initiative called “The DOUAR by AUSIM”. This new program of the association, which is part of the AUSIM IMPACT vision, aims to help douars achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – through digital. It consists in deploying, testing and making a success of digital initiatives in a pilot territory, with a view to its generalization.

Based on the SDGs, AUSIM wishes to promote an integrated and participatory approach to development, which takes into account the needs and aspirations of local populations, while preserving natural resources and fighting against inequalities.

This initiative is part of Morocco’s Digital Nation strategy, which aims to make digital technology a lever for the country’s economic and social development. The “DOUAR by AUSIM” is thus a model of social and technological innovation, which contributes to the achievement of the SDGs and the digital transformation of Morocco.

AUSIM invites all actors of the IT and Digital sector, as well as institutional partners, associations and local actors to participate in this initiative, which constitutes a unique opportunity for mobilization and cooperation for the Moroccan Digital Nation.

Interested in this initiative? Write to us at: [email protected]

AUSIM travelled to Berkane to identify the opportunities and challenges offered by the region for the development of the Le Douar By AUSIM programme launched in April 2023.   

The day’s programme included a meeting with the teams of the Governor of the province, chaired by the SG, Mr Mohammed ELOUHAB; a visit to the Integrated Territorial Digital Governance Division (DGNTI) of the province of Berkane; and a visit to several associations, cooperatives and infrastructures in the locality of Tafoughalt.  

An agreement has been signed between AUSIM, the province of Berkane and Majal Berkane as part of the “LEDOUARbyAUSIM” project, a program designed to help douars achieve the SDGs through digital means.