Ausim Maroc

AUSIM vice-president Rachid BAARBI took part in a training session organized by the DGSSI on January 25. 

The motto “Start With Why” guides the search for an optimal match between training and employment, articulated around several axes: 

– Analysis: Understanding changes in the job market. 

– Relevance: Tailor training programs to integrate the skills sought on the job market. 

– Partnership & Alternation: Working in collaboration with companies to develop training programs tailored to their needs. 

– PDCA: Adapt to rapid market changes by regularly updating training programs. 

– SMART: Evaluate and measure success in terms of employability, then adjust approaches accordingly. 

A successful event! Congratulations to the DGSSI for inviting experts to share their perspectives, and for presenting its institutional capacity-building project in partnership with the ISG: American Institute for Cybersecurity Governance.